A collection of surveys on market experiments by Charles Noussair, Steven Tucker

By Charles Noussair, Steven Tucker

Comprised of 10 surveys by way of best students, this assortment showcases the most important and quickest turning out to be strands of analysis on industry behaviour in experimental economics. 

  • Covers subject matters similar to asset markets, contests, environmental coverage, frictions, common equilibrium, labour markets, multi-unit auctions, oligopoly markets, and prediction markets
  • Focuses at the literature that has helped economists most sensible know how markets operate
  • Assesses the effect of advancements in idea, coverage, and study methods

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Each buyer i received a card with a printed willingness to pay vi , and each seller j received a card with a printed cost c j . The set of all cards defined demand and supply correspondences for the experiment. To induce subjects to act as if their cards reflected their own values/costs in the market, Smith paid them for profitable trades: If a buyer and seller agreed to trade at price p, the buyer was paid in cash the amount vi − p, and the seller was paid the amount p − c j . 3 However, Smith developed an important conceptual insight for the theory of competitive equilibrium.

2005), the three treatments are characterized as (1) Globally stable interior competitive equilibrium, (2) Explosive clockwise cycle of prices about the equilibrium that converges to (0,0) from greater to smaller values of x, and (3) Explosive counter-clockwise cycle of prices about the equilibrium that converges to (0,0) from greater to smaller values of y. Tˆatonnement describes qualitative across-period dynamics of each market session in both papers remarkably well. Convergence to the globally stable interior equilibrium was attained in each relevant session.

An implementation with a new group of subjects) he studied several periods of exchange, each starting from the same initial endowment. After several periods, prices did indeed converge to competitive equilibrium values. This result turned out to be remarkably robust, and has been replicated hundreds if not thousands of times at laboratories around the world. Plott (2008b) reports some emergent stylized facts from these induced value/cost double auction experiments, perhaps most importantly the “sawtooth” pattern of price convergence represented in Figure 1 (this figure has been reproduced from p.

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