A Grammar of Gaagudju by Mark Harvey

By Mark Harvey

This grammar presents an total description of Gaagudju, a now approximately extinct language of northern Australia. Gaagudju differs from such a lot formerly defined Australian languages in a few methods. It indicates marked modifications within the realizations of under pressure and unstressed syllables. It has complicated platforms of prefixation in addition to suffixation. there's a transparent contrast among effective and unproductive morphology, with a large number of the morphology being unproductive. whereas notice order is mostly loose, strictly ordered phrasal compounding constructions are very important.

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The extensive range in potential realisations of word forms was very much characteristic of the two fluent Gaagudju consultants, Peggy Balmana and Little Dolly Yarnmalu. The speech of consultants with a partial knowledge of Gaagudju showed a much smaller range of variation. The "fast speech" forms with reduced vowels, lenited consonants and deleted syllables were much less frequently used by these consultants. These consultants spoke a variety of primary languages: Amurdak, Bininj Gunwok,' Garik, Iwadja, and Kriol.

The relationship between these 8 linguists' languages and the system of language names used by Aboriginal people is not straightforward. A comparison of Maps 1 and 2 reveals only the expected correlation that there are no cases where technically distinct languages are combined under a single socially defined name. Otherwise the relationship between the Aboriginal language names and the technical languages is quite variable. Most language names refer to what in technical terms would be regional dialects.

7). In the combination '3>l+2' ga-marra-, the gaergative prefix precedes the marra- absolutive prefix (this is an irregular ordering (5-57)). e. ga-marra- has not developed into ""[amere]). Segmental phonology 35 In most cases, morpheme-initial velar stop in class-marked nominal roots underwent lenition, when it occured intervocalically. Disyllabic adjective roots with an initial velar stop did not however undergo lenition. (2-38) Class I Class II Class IILTV -gooli na-gooli njing-gooli nang-gooli 'raw' Velar stop initial adjective roots greater than 2 syllables in length underwent complete lenition.

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