A guide to the Bodhisattva's way of life of Shantideva: A by Thrangu Rinpoche

By Thrangu Rinpoche

One of many most excellent texts of the Mahayana culture is Shantideva's A consultant to the Bodhisattva's lifestyle. The e-book includes ten chapters which offers with merits of woke up brain; The Confession of adverse Deeds; the total popularity of woke up brain Conscientiousness Guarding Alterness; The Perfection of endurance; The Perfection of Enthusiasm; The Perfection of Meditation; The Perfection of knowledge and commitment. The booklet additionally includes notes, glossaries, and bibliography

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26. How, indeed, has this propitious state, so hard to obtain, ever been achieved? And am I to be knowingly led again into those very hells? 27. Like one who is stupefied by mantras, I have no understanding of this, not realizing by whom I am crazed or who stands there within Conscientiousness 47 me. 28. My enemies desire, hatred, and such like are destitute of hands, feet, and so forth. They are not courageous, and they are not wise. How can I be enslaved by them? 28. Yet they are dwelling within my own mind, and thus they smite me at their ease.

8. Eve1y transgression of the Bodhisattva is of extreme gravity, since, as F,e transgresses, the welfare ofall beings is destroyed because of it. 9. Anyone who creates an obstacle to his merit, even for an instant, has no limit to his misfortune; because he destroys the welfare of others. 10. Indeed, the one who has smitten the benefactor of even a single \ being, will be smitten. How much more when he smites the beings who dwell throughout the immensity ofall space? 11 As a consequence he is bujfoted in the cycle of rebirth between the power of transgression and the power of the Thought of Enlightenment; he delays a long while the obtaining of the 46 A Guide to the Bodhisattva 's Way ofLife bodhisattva stages.

We then request all buddhas to teach for the reason that all beings have fallen into a state of suffering. Out of ignorance, they do not know how to avoid suffering and achieve happiness which they desire, so in order to enable beings to accomplish happiness which they desire, we request all the buddhas to teach the dharma so that all beings may come to experience happiness. The next verse is concerned with requesting these beings not to pass into nirvana. There are enlightened beings that consider their work to be finished and therefore, they decide to pass into nirvana.

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