A H Grebe 61-R Receiver

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G. 1998. Interpretation of core and log data--integration or calibration? "HARVEY,P. K. & LOVELL, M. A. A. LOVELL E T AL. ' ~ AIMS/OBJECTIVES ~ If MEASUREMENT scale - resolution ~ quality ~ ~- ' ' i , , , i , , , i ' ' ' i , , , i , , , Data collected over the years between 1965 and 1980.

SPWLA 28th Annual Logging Symposium. paper HH. 1987b. Future applications of elemental concentrations from geophysical logging. Nuclear Geophysics 1, 197-211. 1988. Geochemical classification of terrigenous sands and shales from core or log data. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, 58, 820-829. & GRAU, J. A. 1987. Clay and framework mineralogy, cation exchange capacity, matrix density and porosity from well logging in Kern County, California. American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 71, 567 575.

Potash feldspar occurs throughout the section below the limestone cap at concentration levels similar to albite (Fig. 2). 515 between the X R D and infrared figures (Table 4). The estimation of Kfeldspar suffers both from problems of low concentration in the physically derived estimates and potential compositional co-linearity in the computed models (Harvey et al. 1992). For the carbonates there is overall excellent agreement between all the methods (Figs 3 & 6) in that the total amount of carbonate (calcite + dolomite/ankerite+ siderite) determined by the different methods is essentially the same.

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